HTCC5 – HT1 (crystallization)

Hot Topics in Contemporary Crystallography 5 – Experimental advances in macromolecular crystallography is an advanced workshop in structural biology to be held in Dubrovnik Apr. 16th to Apr. 21st, 2023. Its first day (first Hot Topic, HT1) is entirely dedicated to theoretical and technical aspects of the crystallization of macromolecular samples, and organized and funded within the calixDNA project, which is, itself, funded by the Croatian Science Foundation. Head of the organizing committee of the HTCC5 is dr. sc. Aleksandar Višnjevac, P.I. of the calixDNA project, who assembled some of the most prominent scientists in the domain of the macromolecular crystal growth in the world to teach at this workshop: prof. Terese Bergfors from the University of Uppsala, prof. Elspeth Garman, from the University of Oxford, prof. Areej Abuhammad from the University of Jordan, Amman, and prof. Martin Caffrey from the Trinity College Dublin.

The workshop module “Crystallization” (HT1) will cover all aspects of the macromolecular crystallization through five lecturers, one demo session (Prof. Martin Caffrey, crystallization of the membrane proteins), two practical activity sessions (“Bring your own sample” by commercial partners Xtal Concepts and Douglas Instruments and “Cryo-cooling” by prof. Elspeth Garman), and one commercial presentation of the state of the art equipment needed for the crystallization of the macromolecular samples (Formulatrix).

The special accent at the entire workshop is put on interactivity and personal involvement of all students. This is achieved through: (i) comprehensive coverage of all subjects by practical activities, (ii) “bring your won sample” – unique activity which enables students to bring their own solutions reluctant to crystallize and to witness how the state of the art equipment provided by our partners and their knowledge enhances the crystallization potential, (iii) posters and short oral presentations, and (iv) round table discussions.