U. Heinemann

calixDNA project enjoys both personal and institutional support. First of all, the project is generousy funded by Croatian Science Foundation. Secondly, both research institutions where the research activities are being conducted (Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, Croatia and University of Paris, Paris, France), provide officially confirmed support in terms of the access to the laboratory equipment, instrumentation and/or administrative assistance (RBI). Furthermore, two distinguished senior macromolecular crystallographers, Prof. dr. sc. Karl Gruber from the Institute of molecular biosciences in Graz, Austria and Prof. dr. sc. Udo Heinemann from Max Delbrück Centre in Berlin, Germany, have graciously accepted to join the calixDNA team as consultants as well as to provide the much needed state-of-the-art crystallization equipment (Gruber) and pertaining expertise to the members of the project team.

K. Gruber

Importantly, both, prof. Gruber and prof. Heinemann provide their support on a voluntary basis, with no financial or any other obligations from the project. In view of the decade long experience of profs. Gruber and Heinemann in their respective fields, the realization of the project will include a massive knowledge and know-how transfer towards the Croatian part of the team. This is particularly important in view of the introduction of a whole new research area (nucleic acid structural research by means of X-ray crystallography) to Croatia, which is one of focal aims of the research to be conducted in frame of the calixDNA project. Their essential support is warmly acknowledged and highly appreciated.