GenZ binders

Generation Zero (GenZ) set of supramolecular biomimetic binders (SBBs) is the foundation stone of the calixDNA project. It consists of calix[4]arene and calix[6]arene derivatives with variety of substituents on both narrow and large rim of the calixarene basket. These remarkable compounds, developed over past two decades in the group of the calixDNA team member Olivia Reinaud at the University of Paris (formerly Descartes University in Paris).

MethylImidazole containing gen_Z BINDERS


  • SBB 1, X4Me2ImMe2(NH2)2[1]
  • SBB 2, X4Me2ImMe2(TZMeNMe3+)2[1]
  • SBB 3, X6Me3ImMe3(NH2)3[2]
  • SBB 4, X6Me3ImMe3(TZMeNMe3+)3[2]

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  • SBB 5, X6Me3TMPA(NH2)3[3]
  • SBB 5a, X6Me3TMPA
  • SBB 6, X6Me3TMPA(NH2)6HPF6[4]
  • SBB 7, X6Me3TMPA(NMe3+)3[3]

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TREN (tris-2-aminoethyl-amine) capped supramolecular biomimetic binders at narrow rim (nr, up) and at large rim (lr, down)
  • X6Me3TRENnr[5]
  • X6TRENnr[6]
  • X6Me3TRENnr(NH2)3[7]
  • X6Me6TRENlr[8]
  • X6Me3TRENamidlr[9]

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  • X6Me3EtCOOH3(NH3Cl)3 [10]
  • X6Me3(EtNH2)3 [11]

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