Online kick-off meeting

Members of the calixDNA project team have held on Friday, Dec. 11th, 2020, an online kick-off meeting well ahead the official project start date (Feb. 1st, 2021). The meeting was led by A. Višnjevac, with all team members (Reinaud, Piantanida, Kojić-Prodić and Colasson) participating. Important matters like delivery of the genZ SBBs to be subjected to the binding studies in Piantanida lab, purchase procedures, hiring a postdoc and PhD student etc. were discussed.

calixDNA funded

The Executive board of the Croatian Science Foundation has decided to accept the research project proposal entitled “Biomimetic “funnel” and “bowl” supramolecular systems for the selective recognition of DNA/RNA” or, by its acronyme, “calixDNA” for funding. The proposal was submitted on Feb, 20th, 2020, in frame of the IP-2020-02 call . Research activities are to commence on Feb. 1st, 2021, and to be concluded by Jan. 31st, 2025.