NJC coverpage for calixDNA team

Upon invitation by the editorial board of New Journal of Chemistry, our artwork illustrating recently published paper Impact of positive charge and ring-size on the interactions of calixarenes with DNA, RNA and nucleotides, will appear on the frontpage of this journal (NJC, Issue 15, online 11/04/2022). The illustration was prepared by authors I. Piantanida and A. Višnjevac and designed by Toni Lijić. Toni Lijić is a M.Sc in general chemistry and digital designer with a growing portfolio in natural sciences related illustrations. His signature stands also on the banner of calixDNA.org. For more on Toni’s work, please follow this link.

Coverpage of New Journal of Chemistry, 2022, Issue 15 by I.Piantanida, A. Višnjevac and T. Lijić

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