Ena Otković defended her MSc thesis

Ena Otković

On Sep. 22nd, 2021, the first MSc student at the calixDNA project, Ms Ena Otković, from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Sciences, successfully defended her thesis of the title STUDY OF CATIONIC CALIXARENES INTERACTIONS WITH NUCLEOTIDES, DNA AND RNA, accomplished under the supervision of dr. sc. Ivo Piantanida. The thesis was defended before the evaluation committee, president of which was prof. Snežana Miljanić, members were profs. Željka Soldin and Marko Močibob, while prof. Adriana Kenđel was appointed first replacement. Thesis is written in Croatian, with an abstract available in English, and is deposited in Central Chemical Library, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Horvatovac 102a, Zagreb, Croatia and in Repository of the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. Full text in Croatian is also available on the calixDNA website.

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