3rd meeting of the calixDNA project team

The growing and ever younger calixDNA team had today at 2:00 PM its third team meeting with the participation of team members A. Višnjevac, O. Reinaud, I. Piantanida, B. Colasson, I. Nikšić-Franjić, E. Otković and C. Thouzé, as well as external collaborators I. Krošl and N. Nyssen. A. Višnjevac informed team members on the current issues pertaining to the project management, as well as on the results in the domain of the structural investigation of the genZ supramolecular biomimetic binders. New team members I. Nikšić-Franjić (postdoc) and C. Thouzé (student, intern) introduced themselves briefly and reported on their ongoing work within the project. I. Piantanida gave a summary report on the results of the recognition and binding studies obtained on three genZ SBBs that are currently under investigation in frame of the MSc thesis of E. Otković, and in the frame of the internship of C. Thouzé (both directly supervised by I. Krošl). The report was followed by a short discussion. A problem of the provision of small but essential quantities of the compounds (genZ SBBs) needed to wrap up the ongoing research was mentioned, and possible solutions discussed. B. Colasson will come up with possible temporary solutions of this problem by the end of June which may provide an efficient time bridge until the arrival of the PhD student who will be working at the SBB synthesis (presumably last quarter of 2021). The meeting ended at 2:45 PM.

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