Job offer: PostDoc@calixDNA

calixDNA project has launched today a job offer for a postdoctoral fellow who is to join the project team at IRB in Zagreb for a limited duration of 24 months, starting with Aug. 1st, 2021, where he/she will work on a specific problem pertaining to: (i) recognition and binding studies of supramolecular biomimetic calixarene- and resorcinarene-based binders (SBB) to oligonucleotide chains, and (ii) crystallization of biocomplexes SBB-oligonucleotide chains. Engagement in the educational and administrative aspects of the project will also be required. The offer is open until March 12th, 2021, at 10:59 PM, Zagreb time.

For more on the position offered, including the details on how to apply, please follow this link.

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