BSc/MSc thesis at calixDNA

We are looking for motivated students interested in joining our international calixDNA team in frame of their BSc or MSc theses. An ideal candidate would be a student of chemistry or biochemistry, with a strong interest in structural features of the biologically relevant molecules, as well as biological macromolecules. We offer two positions: one in the field of the recognition and binding studies of our supramolecular biomimetic binders (SBBs) to the oligonucleotide chains, and the other pertaining to the crystallization of the water soluble genZ SBBs by use of the macromolecular crystallization techniques. Experimental work will be organized at the Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb, Bijenička c. 54. Crystallization experiments may require short research visits to the Institute of molecular biosciences in Graz, Austria, where the crystallization robot is made available for the calixDNA team members.

The project commences on Feb. 1st, 2021, and so may your experimental work. Please visit for all the details you may be interested in. Should you have any further inquiries, there is a contact form on the website, through which you can reach out. We would be delighted to welcome you on board calixDNA project.

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